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Food for thought

Why you should invest in our franchise concept instead of starting your own catering

There are pros and cons to starting your own (catering) business versus investing in a franchise concept. One of biggest challenges of starting your own (catering) business is that from the start you are without a doubt on your own. You don’t have resources to lean on, industry experts to speak with, or proper training to lay the foundation for a successful business.

Without these key pieces you could face a long and challenging road ahead to get your business up and running. Investing in a Corporate Caterers franchise could be the better option for you. When you open a Corporate Caterers franchise and join our family, you gain access to a well established business model, a reputable brand name, training support, and a proven sales system that you won’t get elsewhere.

We created a business opportunity that enables you to go into business for yourself, instead of by yourself!

We have a lower typical start-up investment

Our kitchen footprint is smaller than a traditional restaurant space. There’s no dining room needed, no high-end décor, no high cost capital expenditures.

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Hear from others who, like you got excited by our business model and have made the decision to own their success story.

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