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What we'll give you

All the support you need

We’ve lived and breathed the business for more than 20 years, so we understand the ins and outs of our unique model. And over that time, it’s proved itself over and over.

Now we want to pass all that on to you, everything from:

Comprehensive training

We’ll give you two weeks of intensive operations and administrative training at our training facility in Miami. When you’re ready to open, we’ll send a team of trainers to your location for another two weeks (or more) to train your crew, in your market.

Suppliers and equipment

We’ll give you our playbook on the vendors you can trust and where to source all the kitchen equipment you need.

Management, business development, and sales tools

We’ve developed and own best-in-class software to handle all the day-to-day operational, administrative, marketing and accounting tasks. You’ll have complete access to it.

Business development plans and marketing materials

We’ll help you create a customized plan to build your business immediately. You can supplement the plan with our webinars and existing business development marketing materials.

Purchase agreements

We’ve already negotiated national purchasing agreements with key suppliers that offer you the benefit of significant buying power through price savings on core products.

Large, exclusive territory

We award territories based on populations of at least 750,000. Yours will be exclusive to you and will have great potential—both in terms of scaling your business and growing your revenue.

You see, we’re engaged and invested in your success.

All the tools you need

Once you become an affiliate, we’ll always be here to help you.
You’ll have access to all of our resources and support systems, including:

Complete instructions

We’ll give you easy-to-use operations manuals and all the recipes you’ll need.

Education and training materials

Get nonstop support through hands-on training. You can access help anytime, from the system and its family of franchisees. As well, we offer monthly workshops and marketing webinars. Why? We want you to succeed.

The power of technology

You’ll get our state-of-the-art technology-based software. Put technology to work as the brains of your business. Also, you’ll benefit from a powerful website that comes with an easy-to-use online ordering system. The site has inbuilt SEO-based marketing capability to pull customers to your website first over other local competitors.


We’ve pre-negotiated a national contract for all the catering equipment and food supplies you’re going to need, so you get better prices and save a lot of money over your competition. We source food through US Foods, the largest institutional supply chain in America. We pre-source catering equipment and supplies as well, through our very own

We’ll make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

There are huge opportunities for growth

We’ve proven the demand for our business catering service is sustainable and growing. With Corporate Caterers, the best part is that you can access this growth with only one location and a one-time investment.

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