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Why we’re better than the others

There are so many good reasons to put your natural enthusiasm and energy to good use, and to take control of your financial future:

We’re a proven model

We’ve been around for over 20 years. We’re not a here-today-and-gone-tomorrow concept that is so prevalent throughout the QSR model. Our business model is one that's been proven over time.

We have a competitive advantage

Our unique selling proposition differentiates us from the competition.

We offer lower cost of entry

The initial cost of entry is lower, so you can afford it.

You can have a work/life balance

Our franchise model offers a lifestyle that means you’ll own your business, not the other way around. You can even (yes, it’s true) take time off.

You don’t need any culinary skills

We’ve run successful operations without even knowing how to boil an egg. (Well, okay, maybe you need to be able to boil an egg – but that’s it!)

Your market will be protected and exclusive

We’ll never saturate your territory or cannibalize it with other franchisees. So, you’ll never compete for the same customers.

We’re engaged and invested in your success

We’ll support you step by step with proven operating systems, a proprietary software package, in-depth training, educational and logistical resources, plus full marketing support.

There are huge opportunities for growth

We’ve proven the demand for our business catering service is sustainable and growing. With Corporate Caterers, the best part is that you can access this growth with only one location and a one-time investment.

More than anything, we want to see you succeed. The advantages our model offers:

Lower typical start-up investment

Our kitchen footprint is smaller than a traditional restaurant space. You don’t need a dining room, or high-end décor, or any other high-cost capital expenditures. Often, you can find existing infrastructure and equipment, further lessening the initial costs.

Faster, higher ROI

Our investment range is much lower than other restaurant and food franchise concepts, yielding higher a return and quicker returns on your investment as well.

Lower location costs

We’re totally unlike the restaurant concept where location is so important. You won’t need expensive space because your kitchen can be anywhere. You’ll deliver to your customers at their locations.

No retail frontage

You’ll have no inbound customers. We deal with the professional business customers who have a demand for our service.

We have a lower typical start-up investment

Our kitchen footprint is smaller than a traditional restaurant space. There’s no dining room needed, no high-end décor, no high cost capital expenditures.

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