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Meet our leadership team

Since we first opened, we’ve taken a fresh approach to breakfast and lunch catering. Our team has over 150 years of catering management experience–more if you include our business experience.

Jim Gass

Founder, Partner and Franchise Director

In 1997, after years of experiencing the pressures of running large restaurants, Jim recognized an opportunity to establish a different kind of catering company: Corporate Caterers. Over 20 years and millions of dollars in sales later, Jim still plays an instrumental role as our Founder. Jim will guide you through our process, holding your hand every step of the way. We think that’s a pretty unique opportunity--to get trained by the founder of a successful concept. It’s just one more reason why Corporate Caterers is such a great opportunity.

Greg Halton

President and CEO

A natural entrepreneur, Greg is a business leader who’s successfully transformed multiple family-run companies into efficient, professionalized businesses. He puts his extensive leadership experience to work, accelerating the growth of our brand by overseeing finance, operations, technology and marketing. Greg’s influence over the business is evident in almost everything we do. He ensures that while we are still small –our vision is large, and the way we operate is much more in line with some of the most successful large-scale concepts out there. As Greg likes to say: “We provide our franchisees with the same support and systems as the large QSR concepts – difference is, we do it personally.”

Larry Powell

Vice President, Sales

Larry is an experienced finance and marketing executive, and an entrepreneur in his own right. As an early adopter of our business philosophy, he opened the company’s first franchise, and went on to operate 2 additional locations. Larry single-handedly grew the company’s now legendary Florida footprint. His skill and knowledge resonates in all 30+ markets in which we operate, and his ICOEF sales techniques are practiced at all our locations. You’ll find they’re the foundation of your path to success.

We’re engaged and invested in your success

We’ll support you step by step with proven operating systems, a proprietary software package, in-depth training, educational and logistical resources, plus full marketing support.

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