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America's Favorite Office Caterer.

Business catering

Because tasty food is the appetizer to any productive meeting.

Better businesses
are built on sharing.


They’re an important part of business. Any business. A gathering of minds to communicate, consider ideas, discuss challenges, and plan new ways forward. It’s a shared purpose that brings us together, but it’s sharing a meal that bonds us.

We call this convention ‘breaking bread’.

It’s a business ritual that channels our energy and restores our human connection. Eating together nurtures a deeper dialogue and warms the soul. Spirits are lifted over a meal. Breaking bread affirms trust, inspires confidence, and offers comfort.

This is our commitment. We make this happen. You could say, we set the table for this shared experience. We are the silent partner who takes care of everything.

Why we’re America’s Favorite Office Caterer.

For over 25 years we’ve been delivering on our promise to make the freshest, most delicious meals for offices across the country. We’re talking big portions of crowd-pleasing breakfast and lunch dishes. It’s what makes us America’s favorite office caterer.

Our delicious menu is matched only by our exceptional service. We cater to groups of 10 or more. From classic crowd-pleasers to exciting new flavors, we offer a wide selection of options for breakfast and lunch.

Early morning meeting fuel.

Invite something delicious to your next breakfast meeting with selections like bagels and spreads, eggs and bacon, and healthy starts. All breakfasts complimented with fresh fruit and orange juice.

Business is built on better lunches.

Collaborate over lunch with fresh and delicious options like soups and salads, sandwiches and wraps, BBQ, delicious fajitas and so much more. All lunches include our signature tropical chips, house salad and dessert.

Not just deliver and dash. Setup & cleanup included.

We’ll arrive before your meeting to set up your spread. When you’re all wrapped up, we’ll swing by again to clean up and pack your leftovers. So you can get on with your day.

Connect with a Catering Coach

For your upcoming meeting, connect with one of our personal catering coaches. They’ll make sure your order is served up just the way you want it.

Corporate Caterers Rewards Program

The more you order, the more rewards you can earn.

Rewards include:

  • Annual Bonus Rewards Points.
  • Discounts and special redemptions on your orders.
  • Exclusive offers and promotions throughout the year.
  • The choice to convert your rewards points to cash and/or gift cards from companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, Apple and many more.

Multiple levels, tons of incredible rewards.

Membership consists of various tiers. As you spend, you gain access to higher tiers, which reward your loyalty even more. We determine your level by the total amount you spend in a twelve month period.

Hear from these satisfied stomachs​

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